Automatic Re-Ordering

Our automatic reordering system will help you never run out of printer toner and save 10% on all our products!

It s hard to keep a thousand tasks in mind. Let us help you reduce this list by offering automatic reordering of toner for your printer. Just estimate how often you need your cartridges to be replaced and we will ship them to you regularly! The credit card that you link to your account will be charged automatically; therefore, no need to worry about payment either.

To estimate how often you need to replace the toner cartridge, you can simply divide the yield of the cartridge by the number of pages you usually print within a time period (you can access this information in your printer statistics). Please note that the yield indicated on the cartridge is calculated based on 5% page coverage (refers to printing a page of standard text). If you print charts or graphs, the toner consumption increases by 2 times (compared to 5% coverage); if you print photos, the consumption may increase up to 20 times.